About Us

How We Got Started

My companies story started back in 2007 when I was simply looking for a way to make extra money. After falling victim to many work at home scams and working for years to exploit these companies it became clear that many people are looking for simple online jobs. It was then that I created Simple-Online-Jobs.com.

About Our Company

Simple Online Jobs is all about providing you with simple jobs you can do from home. We are unlike many companies which offer difficult MLM programs or huge ebooks that are impossible to follow. Here at Simple Online Jobs we simply search the internet for people, companies, sites and jobs for you to perform. We give you a quick tutorial on how to get set up with the company, how it works and then you go about doing the work and getting paid.

Everything we provide you can be found online but research is hard and how are you supposed to know what is legit and what is a scam? That is where we come in. With your membership to Simple Online Jobs your given the peace of mind of knowing that the companies you will be working for are legit.